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Hey Dude: Ranch it at Paws Up

Oh, now I get it: As the driver speeds me to the glam ranch called Paws Up—37,000 acres of Montana wonderland—I see why they call it “Big Sky.” You know you’re not in Minnesota, Dorothy, […]

Quebec’s Stellar Sisters

Montreal, the second-largest French-speaking city in the world (following—duh—Paris), blossomed along the banks of the St. Lawrence River, where French voyageur Jacques Cartier first beached his boat in 1535. His home still anchors the waterfront, […]

Ireland’s Ancient East

Ireland, and no Guinness mugs, no clover t-shirts? Good on ye, as they say around here. We’re traveling throughout the island’s Ancient East, a landscape punctuated by massive medieval castles (in which we bed and […]

Tale of Two Cities, Tennessee Style

When the railroad depot was built, Chattanooga choo-choo’d into its golden era. Later, as train travel dwindled, so did the city’s charms. During the ’80s, recalls a local booster, “The downtown was shabby. So was […]

That Greenville

Yeah, that Greenville. Google the name and half a dozen cities pop up. But the one—The One—it pays to visit is anchored in South Carolina. Yeah, that Greenville, as the town makes clear in its […]

Ebullient India!

This wasn’t your normal tour of India—Taj Mahal, River Ganges, Red Fort, blah blah blah. Been there, done that, loved it. But I was ready for the kind of experience small-tour operator Sudhakar (Sudha) Selwyn […]

The Philadelphia Story

A visit to Philadelphia is like a booster shot to counteract what ails our land right now. It’s the City of Brotherly Love (as founder William Penn penned)—and the more of that, the better in […]

Puerto Paradise

Pray that a tsunami never hits Puerto Vallarta, the beach playground on the Pacific Ocean’s coast. It would deprive us of Mexico’s premier gay destination. While you may spot stray straight folks wandering the oceanside […]

Why Atlanta?

All I knew about Atlanta was that scene in Gone with the Wind where Gen. Sherman burns the city to a crisp. Oh, and chasing a connecting flight through its airport—the busiest in the world. […]

Following the Midnight Sun

Okay, I confess: I’m a hardcore Viking fan. No, not the kind that heads to the stadium in a purple jersey—rather, the kind who looks for Viking River Cruise announcements in her inbox and grabs […]

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