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In the Land of Vlad the Bad

Well, that’s my politically correct nickname for the Romanian bigshot who founded the country’s present capital, Bucharest, in the 15th century. He went on to rule from his Transylvanian castle, where he earned the even […]

Arts Spotlight: 576

Don’t Dress For Dinner July 7–30 Gremlin Theatre, 550 Vandalia St., St. Paul 888-71-TICKETS www.gremlin-theatre.org Comedies were vehicles through which people of over a century ago could come to grips in some way with the […]

A Word In Edgewise: What Will You Do?

Courage. It’s awesome and amazing, in the original sense of causing awe and amazement, and we may be called to summon it at any time. It can be displayed over time, as in daughter Nancy […]

Upwardly Mobile

Welcome to the home of Mardi Gras, held in Louisiana’s capitol city. No, not that town. Borders and rulers have changed, and Mobile now belongs to Alabama. Founded by French settlers in 1702, a year […]

From the Editor: Pride: What to Do?

It’s the Thursday of Pride Weekend here in the Twin Cities and I hope you have a wonderful time, whatever you decide to do. I’m sure I’ll see many of you at the numerous events. […]

Just the tips, please…

Small spaces? No problem. Here are a couple products to help with that, design tips courtesy of Michelle Havens, Environment Director at Habitation Furnishing + Design. 1. Double Up: Limited rooms? Carve out an office, using a […]

Twin Cities Pride To ‘Limit’ Police In Parade

KARE 11 reports that police will be less visible in the Twin Cities Pride parade this weekend, at the request of organizers and community members. Read the full story from KARE 11 

Former Patriots And Chiefs Tackle Ryan O’Callaghan Comes Out As Gay

Outsports reports that Ryan O’Callaghan had always planned to commit suicide after football, until Kansas City Chiefs staffers stepped in. Read the full story from Outsports

Russian ‘Gay Propaganda Law’ Discriminatory, European Court Rules

CNN reports that a European court has ruled that Russia’s so-called “gay propaganda law” is discriminatory, promotes homophobia and violates the European Convention on Human Rights. Read the full story from CNN

Police Officer Accused Of Blackmailing Gay Men Faces Jail

GayStarNews reports that a police officer is facing jail after being accused of blackmailing gay men who went to cruising spots. Read the full story from GayStarNews

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