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BigGayNews for Friday, September 19, 2014

Today’s Top Headlines Tipster Will Collect $40,000 Reward For Leading Police To Ty Hoffman US Recommends Asylum for Gay Ugandan Anti-Gay Billboard Citing Bible Passage In Tennessee Sparks Local Controversy Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Watch 6th […]


BigGayNews for Monday, September 22, 2014

Today’s Top Headlines Ben & Jerry’s Signs Employers’ Amicus Brief In Support Of Gay Marriage LSU Fraternity Faces Heat For Crass Michael Sam Banner Same-Sex Couple Speaks Out After Brutal Attack In Center City Kazakh […]


Narcissistic Parents Vs. Traumatized Youth in New Play with Same-Sex Soulmate Undercurrents

Lake Untersee by playwright Joe Waechter is a striking portrait of narcissistic parents who lack enough humanity to grapple with their teenaged son’s emotional difficulties. 15 year old Rocky (Michael Thurston) is so traumatized that […]


Call for Submissions: Real Weddings in Lavender’s 2014 Fall/Winter Wedding Issue

  Photographers!  Newlyweds!  Spread the word: We are currently in production for the 2014 Fall/Winter Wedding Issue right now and time is of the essence. It will be on stands Thursday, October 30.  If you have […]


All the World’s a Stage, and Your Home is the Star

All of the steps have been completed: the real estate agent listed the property, the house has been cleaned, the lawn has been mowed, and numerous families have come through to tour the nest. Why, […]

Shining A Light On Your Home

Shining a Light on Home Design

It’s common knowledge that functional spaces need enough light for the given activity. A chair needs a lamp to read by and a desk needs a desk lamp for office-type tasks. It’s even come out […]


Lavender’s Fall New Restaurant Roundup

Shocking to no one, I’m not a math major. The check arrives and I stick to a straight percentage on that tip because I suck on a very basic level. No, I’m not proud. However, […]


Hot Topic: Solar and Fire as Alternative Heat

The tremendous growth in the industry surrounding solar power in the U.S. is helping to pave the way to a cleaner, more sustainable energy future. Over the past few years, the cost of a solar […]


Italian Flair: Kitchens for Who You Are

Cabinets can devour the bulk of a budget during a kitchen remodel because they are a major investment (and one that’s not likely to be made again anytime soon). This type of decision isn’t one […]


Lav.fash™ | What Should Be: From the Lips of Grant Whittaker

Grant Whittaker is Depressed. Ugly. Anorexic. Bullied. Grant Whittaker is Alive. Gorgeous. Ferocious. Intriguing. He comprises these qualities because he’s lived them. These are the seams of his personal history, informants to his perspective, muses […]

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