Eat the Menu: JUN

It hadn’t even occurred to me that the North Loop was missing something. Until, that is, I ate the something it was missing. In the restaurant it was missing. Nestled in the heart of the […]

Eat the Menu: Punch Bowl Social

Adult children of the world, unite! We finally have a place to hang out with other adults while not actually having to act much like adults. Punch Bowl Social at the edge of St. Louis […]

The Lift Garage: Mending Cars and Lives

Working with people experiencing homelessness, longtime social worker Cathy Heying repeatedly saw how devastating the prohibitive cost of commercial car repair could be. As she describes, in a domino effect, people who couldn’t afford to […]

Food & Dining: Fitzgerald’s

I was born in St. Paul, near the Capitol. My parents took my brother and me out to the country to raise us, but I am pretty sure I’ve been magnetically attracted to St. Paul […]

Buck the Trend: Alternative Bridal Hair

Hair up? Hair down? Dyed? Highlights? Natural? Deciding on bridal hairstyles for the nuptials brings a surprising amount of stress for many brides. Therefore, it goes without saying that finding the right stylist can be critical […]

Home Updates: Next Level Renovation

Older homes have a certain charm; some sort of character that you just don’t find in newer homes. But with that charm and character comes a certain responsibility to maintain and update. Just ask Frank […]

The Road to Nashville: Rugby’s Bingham Cup

Mark Bingham was a fantastic role model, not only for the gay community, but for anyone who searches for acceptance and finds it in an unexpected place. Bingham’s search for acceptance led him to the […]

Quatrefoil Library Celebrates 30 Years

“I was once told that Dick Hewetson and David Irwin, the founders of the library, did not set out to create a legacy when they first opened the library,” says Scott Breyfogle. “I think it […]

The Glitter Knitter Is Taking Over

StevenBe has become a brand. It’s a lifestyle. From yarn to coffee and tea, and now a reality show, the StevenBe team has turned Steven Berg’s yarn shop and fiber arts studio into a city […]

Eat the Menu: Sheridan Room

A phoenix has risen from the ashes of the much-beloved Modern Cafe. A casual comfort-food phoenix with a neighborhood sensibility perfectly suited for its classic Northeast Minneapolis location. Lucky for us, this new bird also […]

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