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Celebrating 30 Years of Care from Clare

Imagine being sick because of a virus that has no cure, a virus that has opened the door to infections that are slowly killing you. Now imagine the medical professionals who are supposed to care […]

Commentary: Is the Queer Community Eating Its Own (Again)?

By Mark Segal Recent battles over the rainbow flag and the Star of David have exposed long-simmering biases. In my almost 50 years of LGBT activism, there has never been a time that worried me […]

From the Editor: A Room of One’s Own

Virginia Woolf published A Room of One’s Own in 1929 which was based on a series of lectures she gave that included themes about making space for women in writing, in education, and even just […]

A Day In The Life: Drew Atkin

Name: Drew Atkin Age: 57 Where did you grow up? I grew up in Princeton, NJ. (The “preppiest” town in America.) Where do you live? I live in Minneapolis’s North Loop Neighborhood. I love the energy of this part […]

Leather Life: Chuck Renslow, 1929–2017

Leather- and GLBT-community Pioneer and Leader Chuck Renslow, a pioneering gay leatherman, photographer, publisher, business owner, and community activist who became a legend in the Chicago area and around the world, passed away at the […]

Skirting the Issues: Lemonade

“Grossly misinformed.” That’s the most generous phrase I could muster as I read my friend John Townsend’s piece, “When GLBT Nonprofits Lose Their Bearings” in the July 6 edition of this magazine. Take your pick—“transgenderism” […]

From the Editor: Bespoke Community

Wedding style and weddings. For those of us who aren’t looking at walking down any aisle other than the cereal aisle—whether we’re not dating, not interested, or no longer unmarried—the topic could be less than […]

Pride in Pictures 2017

Relive Twin Cities Pride through this collection of photography: our community, our people, and our celebrations in our two cities. Click on any of the links below to view a Photo Gallery of that event. […]

Kicks for Kids

Trying to beat the heat doing something fun with the younger ones? Looking for new places around Minnesota to add to your summer bucket list? Wanting to relive the days of your childhood with fun […]

From the Editor: Growing Younger

Now that I’m 40, I’ve pretty much moved past the mourning involved with moving past the window of time when I’m biologically able to have children. What an odd weighting of the scales that procreation […]

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