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03.30.17 University of Minnesota Program in Human Sexuality’s GALA™ Minneapolis MN


Bump and Grind — Dr. Pamela Gonzales Takes on the Beautiful Gravel Roads of Northern Minnesota

It’s like the Tour de France but with more mosquitoes. It’s like Walden but with less symbolism. It’s like Brokeback Mountain but with fewer sheep. It’s the second annual running of Le Grand du Nord Gravel Cycling Classic, and […]

The Lady is a Champ

Champion Jackie Fendler Breathes New Life into Her Existence via the Deadlift It’s November 2013, and a lifter is about to lift. Feet are planted beneath shoulders, toes are pointed due north.  Open hands descend […]

Care For All – Transgender & Primary Care Specialties at North Memorial Health Clinics

It can be difficult when a friend or family member struggles with your transgender identity. But when it’s your primary care physician, you can face even greater discomfort and apprehension. Transgender individuals often confront unique […]

02.28.17 Rainbow Health Initiative Conference: “Opportunity: Advancing LGBTQ Health” St Paul MN


02.25.17 Minnesota Aids Walk “cool walk. warm hearts.” Minneapolis MN


MEDS4LIFE – Because Giving Back Is Still the Best Medicine

By Amy Moser Over 30 years ago, The Aliveness Project was born over potlucks and kitchen table conversations about AIDS, stigma, and survival. Refusing to be isolated from each other and loved ones, the HIV […]

Understanding and Dealing with the Death of a Partner

By Tony Del Percio It does not matter if you’re straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender: we are all human beings who have the capability to love and be loved. From the moment we are […]

Do You Think You’re Too Old For Orthodontics? Think Again!

By Dr. Jesse Veil Do you think orthodontics are only for children or teens? Think again! Now, more than ever, adults are seeking orthodontic treatment for a variety of reasons. Some people want to improve […]

Seasonal Depression: Defeating the Winter Blues

The days are shorter, weather is colder, and more people are inclined to stay home rather than bundle up to get together with friends and family. While pop culture is currently glorifying staying home by […]

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