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Skirting the Issues: Gavin Grimm

At this year’s Grammy Awards, transgender icon Laverne Cox interrupted her music star introduction to highlight the case of Gavin Grimm, a 17-year-old Virginia high school student who’s become the poster child for transgender rights […]

Dateland: Step It Up

When I married last year, I became stepmom to two boys, one in middle school and one in high school. At age 50, it’s been a tricky transition venturing from the shallow delights of a […]

Real Weddings: Kristy & A-K Gloe-Thordin

Photographer: Rebecca Jean Lawrence Photography Date of Wedding: September 4, 2016 Dating Since: September 2014 Location of Ceremony & Reception: Day Block Event Center Florist: Acanthus Wedding Coordinator: Sarah Springer Cake: Friends made the cake; Cookies by Kim […]

Real Weddings: Jesse & Sara Dykhuis

Photographer: Black Feather Creative Date of Wedding: September 26, 2016 Dating Since: 2012 Location of Ceremony & Reception: A friend’s farm in South Range, WI Florist: Wholesale flowers, designed by friends and family Wedding Coordinator: Jeremy Schrupp […]

Real Weddings: Tonia Aslakson & Rebecca “B” Bann Aslakson

Photographer: Charissa Norling Photography Date of Wedding: September 18, 2016 Dating Since: September 14, 2012 Location of Ceremony & Reception: Paikka Florist: Melissa Stratton, Sadie’s Couture Floral and Event Styling Wedding Coordinator: Savannah McDeid Stylist: Lori […]

Real Weddings: Alexis Trauger & Alexandra Hammett

Photographer: Daly Proof Photography Date of Wedding: September 10, 2016 Dating Since: March 2012 Location of Ceremony & Reception: The Bachelor Farmer Florist: Foxglove Market & Studio Stylist: Juut Salonspa, St. Paul Cake: The Bachelor Farmer […]

Real Weddings: Kaisa & Darian Lightfoot

Photographer: Jessica Bargate Date of Wedding: September 9-11, 2016 Dating Since: Fall 2013 Location of Ceremony & Reception: Saint John’s Landing Camp, St. Croix State Park Florist: Sam Stiles using farmers market flowers S’mores Cupcakes: Kelly Jackson (Kaisa’s […]

Real Weddings: Nakita Savant & Mirtha Solis

Photographer: Rebecca Jean Lawrence Photography Date of Wedding: September 25, 2016 Location of Ceremony & Reception: Private Residence Florist: DIY Wedding Coordinator: Teresa Mock of L’Etoile Events Cake: Costco

02.25.17 Queer and Trans Family Support Conference St Paul MN

A Few Words: The Pacific Southwest

We crammed in the van, smiling far too broadly, laughing far too much. The music playlist started. We cranked up the bass. The road stretched forward and soon we left the city behind. We were […]

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