Leather Life: My Mother Mary

The GLBT and PFLAG communities recently lost a trailblazing author, activist, and advocate. My mother, Mary Virginia Borhek, age 94, of Pennswood Village in Newtown, Pennsylvania, departed this life on Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2016. I […]

05.07.16 2016 LGBTQ+ Catholic Youth Summit Minneapolis MN

Faith: It’s My Life, Not a Lifestyle

By Thomas Ehnert One of my favorite T-shirts has in huge black letters, “It’s my LIFE, not a lifestyle.” I was talking recently to someone who says he is becoming disenchanted with the “gay lifestyle.” […]

Conscience Equality

By Thomas Ehnert A part of me feels sorry for Josh Duggar and Kim Davis. Let me explain. Josh Duggar is the oldest of the famous 19 kids of the TLC channel’s reality show 19 […]

What Do We Do When Love Doesn’t Win?

By Thomas Ehnert I’m trying to absorb all that’s happened since June. First, the Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage the law of the land. I read the responses of my GLBT family with joy. I […]

What Is Spirituality?

By Thomas Ehnert I have a confession to make. When I was asked to write a regular column about GLBT spirituality, I had to think for a long time about what spirituality is! You would […]

Spirituality: Unleashing Creativity

By Thomas Ehnert As part of my spiritual journey, I’ve been working through The Artists’ Way. It consists of weekly chapters and daily writing, meant to help artists recover their creativity and rediscover their passion. […]

05.16.15 LGBTQ+ Catholic YOUTH SUMMIT Edina Community Lutheran Church Edina MN

Every Marriage is Profound Mystery

By Thomas Ehnert Ten years ago, I was a closeted minister in an ultra-conservative church. I remember what it felt like to officiate at weddings. I saw the beaming faces of the bride and groom […]

Religious Bigotry

By Thomas Ehnert There are three things in my life I am more ashamed of than anything else. The first is that I, a gay twenty-year-old man, shunned my cousin when she came out, along […]

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