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Dateland: Free Bird

Pet birds hate me. This is a problem I’ve had to deal with my entire life. Any time I visit friends who have a pet bird, the bird begins bouncing manically on its perch and […]

Dateland: Monkey See, Monkey Do

It’s late at night and my spouse is on the phone screaming at her brother about politics while I’m watching a video of a monkey getting a haircut. Because that’s what this country has come […]

Dateland: The Honeymoon Is Over

We clutched hands and gazed intently into each other’s eyes. “I’ve long known your heart, my love,” I said. “And, now, I will know your colon.” And then the orderlies came in and wheeled her […]

Dateland: Step It Up

When I married last year, I became stepmom to two boys, one in middle school and one in high school. At age 50, it’s been a tricky transition venturing from the shallow delights of a […]

Our Wedding Story: Marry Me?

The year was 2007. One June night, the since-closed by-and-for-queer-women club known as Pi Bar played host to a fateful meeting that would spur true love. Tracy Le Capitaine laid her eyes on Kristy Wydeven […]

Our Wedding Story: Lifelong Brunch

Except for the bluegrass band, it might have been any other brunch in Minneapolis on October 1, 2016. At first glance, it seemed like a casual, cakes-under-glass, bring-your-own-bongo, specials-scribbled-in-pink-limestone kind of affair: novelty donuts sprinkled […]

Something Borrowed, Something (Re)newed

The Twin Cities area is known for an amazingly artistic, cultural, and diverse atmosphere. The cities are where we crave to live. They’re where we yearn to explore. So it’s no wonder that it’s where we choose to […]

Marriage in the Gloaming

Asked for my about my opinions on marriage for older gay folks, my first reaction was, “Don’t!” But then, I remembered that even close friends frequently call me “baleful,” and that just because my own […]

Real Weddings: Kristy & A-K Gloe-Thordin

Photographer: Rebecca Jean Lawrence Photography Date of Wedding: September 4, 2016 Dating Since: September 2014 Location of Ceremony & Reception: Day Block Event Center Florist: Acanthus Wedding Coordinator: Sarah Springer Cake: Friends made the cake; Cookies by Kim […]

Real Weddings: Jesse & Sara Dykhuis

Photographer: Black Feather Creative Date of Wedding: September 26, 2016 Dating Since: 2012 Location of Ceremony & Reception: A friend’s farm in South Range, WI Florist: Wholesale flowers, designed by friends and family Wedding Coordinator: Jeremy Schrupp […]

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