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A Few Words: The Pacific Southwest

We crammed in the van, smiling far too broadly, laughing far too much. The music playlist started. We cranked up the bass. The road stretched forward and soon we left the city behind. We were […]

Dateland: The “G” Folder

The demand came shortly after we got married, and it chilled me to the core. “You need to cancel your Spotify account and join mine,” she said with casual authority, as if this wasn’t the […]

Call for Submissions: Spring 2017 Wedding Issue

Photographers!  Newlyweds!  Spread the word: We are currently in production for the 2017 Spring Wedding Issue right now and time is of the essence. It will be on stands Thursday, March 30.  If you have […]

Skirting the Issues: Alone in Sonoma

My state of mind this Valentine’s Day: Last month I attended a dear friend’s 60th birthday celebration in Sonoma, California. Orchestrated for Brian by his long-time partner, Doug, it was a magnificent affair replete with […]

Dateland: Ghost Story

I was driving home from work when it happened. I remember looking at the sky just before the phone began rattling malevolently in the car cup holder where it had been resting as silent as […]

Dateland: Safe Harbor

Driving home with my dogs in a blizzard a few weeks ago, my car was sideswiped by a semi. As my car spun out of control and crossed all lanes of traffic in a mad […]

A Few Words: 20 Rules for Forming a #Squad

Assemble approximately four to eight other gay men. Make sure everyone who isn’t in the group hates himself on a daily basis. Depending on your age group, refer to each other as characters from The Golden […]

A Few Words: Christmas Eve

Christmas and the holiday season should be the happiest time of the whole year: the entire family gathered together, group activities, snow, the scent of pine, warm gingerbread. Christmas always seemed like love incarnate to […]

Skirting The Issues: This is How I’ll Remember 2016

Lost lives. Lost chances. Lost hopes. I could end right here and would have said all that’s needed. Still, there is always more to say. That’s especially true with the new normal of Trump-Pence, where […]

A Word In Edgewise: Only Things Certain Are Death and Taxes

Today, with a good lawyer, taxes have become moot, leaving, “the only thing certain is death,” a topic movingly discussed in Atul Gawande’s highly readable book, Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End. […]

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