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Utah Governor to Save Churches from Performing Gay Marriages

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Gov. Gary Herbert does not expect Utah lawmakers to try to undermine the new right of gays to marry in Utah, but he says that doesn’t mean they will […]

Pat Robertson Calls Gay Rights Activists ‘Terrorists’

Yahoo! News reports that a day after his controversial comments about AIDS were obliterated by Anderson Cooper, televangelist Pat Robertson called gay rights activists “terrorists.” Read the full story from Yahoo! News

Gay Asylum Seekers Face Intrusive Sexual Questions

The Guardian reports that an immigration watchdog said that of the 112 interviews of asylum seekers he reviewed, 10% included unsatisfactory questions. Read the full story from The Guardian

Gays Under Attack in Liberia Over Ebola Outbreak

Reuters reports that gays have been harassed, physically attacked and a few have had their cars smashed by people blaming them for the hemorrhagic fever, after religious leaders in Liberia said Ebola was a punishment […]

Judge Sets November hearing In Montana Gay Marriage Case

The Missoulian reports that a judge has set a November 20th hearing in Great Falls for arguments in a lawsuit challenging Montana’s ban on gay marriage. Read the full story from the Missoulian 


Big Gay News Summary


BigGayNews for Friday, October 24, 2014

Today’s Top Headlines Benedict Cumberbatch Recalls Defending A Gay Classmate Judge Resigns So He Won’t Have To Marry Gay Couples Gay Jamaicans Victims Of Violence, Human Rights Watch’s ‘Not Safe At Home’ Report Finds Federal […]


BigGayNews for Thursday, October 23, 2014

Today’s Top Headlines Melbourne Trans and Gender Diverse Film Festival Announces Its Inaugural Program GOP Candidate Calls Gay People ‘Gremlins’ And ‘Bullies’ Gay British Couple Allegedly Ordered Off London Bus After Driver Spots Them Kissing […]


BigGayNews for Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Today’s Top Headlines Shonda Rhimes Responds To Intolerance Over “Gay Scenes” In Her TV Shows When Women Become Men At Wellesley Russia Lawmaker Wants To Ban Gay-Themed Finnish Stamps Elvis-Themed Las Vegas Chapel Refuses To […]


BigGayNews for Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Today’s Top Headlines Brooklyn Man Beaten With Hammer By Attacker Yelling Gay Slurs When Coming Out As Gay Leads To Homelessness U.S. Marine Charged With Murder Of Trans Filipina Woman Scotland For Marriage Says ‘Silent […]


BigGayNews for Monday, October 20, 2014

Today’s Top Headlines Arizona Gay Couples Get Married and Celebrate Gay-Rights Group Backs Use of HIV-Prevention Pill Writer Uses ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ to Normalize Promiscuous Sodomy ‘Hook-up Apps Are Destroying Gay Youth […]